Disperser Wishes

Christmas, X-Mas 2013,

The amount of Christmas stuff we used to have was staggering.

Enough lights to decorate the frontage of our 175 ft long Harlincin Ct. house, shrubs, trees, and mailbox. Additional decorations included garlands and ribbons.

Christmas, X-Mas 2013,

That was just outside . . . inside we had more lights, a big-ass tree (used to be real trees every year, but then we sprung for a very nice artificial tree that took a little over an hour to put together, and a number of hours to decorate). 

Christmas, X-Mas 2013,

Then there were the decoration that sat on floors, counters, and pretty much any flat area that was to be found. 

We liked decorating, and we also liked having people over (some years our company’s x-mas parties were held at our house). 

Christmas, X-Mas 2013,

Yes, we are what the religious folks call ‘heathens’. We don’t believe in any of the malarkey associated with the festivities. 

For us it was more about the colors, flashing lights, the yearly ritual of setting things up, and taking them down after the New Year. And it was about people getting together for a good time. Some did ‘believe’, some did not, but that was not the point of getting together.

Christmas, X-Mas 2013,

It’s difficult to pinpoint the beginning of the change into our current lack of decorations. A big change occurred when we moved from Michigan to Colorado. For one, none of our friends came with us. 

For another, as we got older, the decorating part became a bother, and superfluous to the feelings associated with the season. 

Christmas, X-Mas 2013,

The first few years in Colorado we adorned the house as we always did. Then we stopped the outside stuff, and just did the inside. And finally, a few years ago, we stopped doing much inside as well.

Also a few years ago, we donated a bunch of our christmas decorations, gave some away at work, gave some of the nicer ornaments to friends and relatives, and all we have now left are a few boxes. 

Boxes that would have remained unopened were it not for my desire to do this post. All of the photos were shot today, while Melisa prepared our meal.

Christmas, X-Mas 2013,

By the way, the greenery in the photos is real. An honest to goodness live tree that lives in our house year-round. About three feet tall, its branches are too weak to actually hold any but the lightest ornaments. 

Christmas, X-Mas 2013,

I’m gonna spoil the effect for my readers . . . the ornaments are not actually hanging from the tree. They are hanging from my tripod. But, who cares, right?

Christmas, X-Mas 2013,

Christmas, X-Mas 2013,

For some it’s still a religious celebration, and my feeling is “good for them.”

For me it remains an excuse to reach out to people I might not often hear from other than during this time of year. It’s an excuse to say “hello” both to people who are and were part of our life.

Some now live literally thousands of miles away, and some I have never met, and are scattered around the globe.

Christmas, X-Mas 2013,

The world has changed, and the way we live our lives has changed. And my view of the holiday has changed. I can marvel at the amazing store displays, but be cynical about their motives. We can enjoy the sounds, smells, and sights, but we’ve lost the desire to participate in the trappings.

Christmas, X-Mas 2013,

The feeling is all that remains.  The wanting to wish others happiness, good fortune, and a life they can enjoy.

The reaching out not as an obligation, as something expected, but out of a genuine desire to let others know they are remembered. Ironically, to do so I brought out some of the trappings we could not be bothered to display.

But that too is a part of it. These photos are an expression not of what I think of christmas, not a message regarding some belief or other, but an expression of who I am.

A photographer who likes to write. These remaining ornaments, not even the best we had, helped me do that. It’s not what they signify; it’s that I got to set things up, snap some photos, process them, and share that part of me with others.

Christmas, X-Mas 2013,

And right now I’m a guy who wants to share my wish that my reader’s lives be as fulfilling and free from hardship as possible.



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26 Responses to Disperser Wishes

  1. AnnMarie says:

    Whatever the reason . . . I’m glad you acknowledge the Season! Those are beautiful ornaments and worth sharing. Buon Natale e tante belle e buone cose per l’ Anno Nuovo!

  2. seekraz says:

    I share similar thoughts of the season and have a conflicting emotional response to the time of year that is rooted in childhood memories. I was going to offer more with my Christmas post, but decided to use no words other than the simple greeting. You’ve expressed yourself well, I think…and I enjoy what you’ve wished for your readers. I wish the same for you, Emilio…and thank you….

  3. oneowner says:

    Whatever the sentiment, it’s still beautiful and sincere. Merry Christmas.

  4. I love the ornaments, and your photography is stellar, as always, but I really enjoyed your words. I appreciated your sentiments and your wish for your reader’s. Very nice.

  5. sandra getgood says:

    I too agree with your sentiments….for us, the important thing is sharing the joy, the colors, the lights , the memories with family and friends. And the cookies. Best wishes to you for a safe, peaceful, beautiful new year.

    • disperser says:

      Yes, the cookies . . . and a bunch of other food. Gonna have to work extra hard at the gym, just to maintain.

      Thanks, Sandy; it’s always nice hearing from you.

  6. I too concur with your message! I know that’s why I keep coming back! There is safety in community. Wishing you and yours the happiness!

  7. I’m with you on this one. Our first year in Oregon we put up a tree and put up lights outside. Haven’t done it since. I still have ornaments in a box in the closet but I just don’t have the desire or energy to put up decorations. I do appreciate the decorations that others put up though.

    • disperser says:

      There is still a small part of us that likes the idea . . . but when it comes to actually doing it, other stuff takes precedence.

      Perhaps it goes hand-in-hand with our desire to declutter. We’ve been slowly (way slowly) clearing out stuff we have, trying to get to a lean, mean, mobile machine. Tough to do when so many memories are wrapped in the things one owns.

  8. colonialist says:

    Those ornaments are too beautiful to waste.
    I know what I would do: make a conical wire frame which could be slipped over the top of your indoor tree, and suspend the decorations from that! In fact, given room in a loft or somewhere, they could be stored in place in that manner.

  9. Merry Christmas, Emilio! Love your ornaments, and the expression on the first one!

  10. John says:

    Really nice shots … and, as long as they look like they’re hanging on the tree, that’s all that counts, right?

    We’ve followed the same pattern as you … from many decorations everywhere, to very few. Part of it is my fault — I’m not much for the holiday any more. But, part of it, I think, is that there’s a realization that the decorations aren’t really necessary — one can still engage in the spirit of the holiday, without all the extraneous fluff.

    Love the christmas tree with the skis …

    • disperser says:


      Funny part about that ornament . . . neither of us have even the remotest interest in skiing. I have no idea if we bought that, or if it was given to us. But yeah; neat ornament.

  11. Carissa says:

    I’m sorry I missed this when you posted it. A belated Merry Christmas to you and Melisa. All the best in the coming year to you as well.

  12. paigeaddams says:

    I love your ornaments! They remind me of Christmas at my mom’s. :D

    • disperser says:

      Thanks. Who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll start decorating again.

      The fun, after all, is accumulating them, and now that we have so few, we can begin all over again.

      . . . but probably not . . .

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